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How It's Made

PUCK’S beverages are produced with the utmost attention to detail. From the flavor profile formulation, where we start from scratch and test countless variations before perfecting the final proportions, to the hand compounding of the natural extracts to the no-rush blending of the raw ingredients. You wouldn’t find any artificial color or flavor in our products and PUCK’S utilizes an unparalleled standard of quality control that allows us to omit artificial preservatives. The granulated bagged cane sugar that we use as our sweetener lends itself to the very small vats in which our syrup is batched. This great effort is rewarded by
the true and deep natural flavor of our finished products, the hallmark of our
endeavors throughout the years.  Please go ahead and really enjoy our beverages —
you won’t find anything else like them ……….. ego te provoco!


We produce a full line of carbonated and non-carbonated post-mix
fountain syrups in 5 gallon bag-in-box.

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